Glazing bars

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Four types to suit all applications

CS211 Heavy duty aluminium glazing bar assembly

Choice between ovolo and bevelled caps
Ovolo detailing for enhanced visual appeal. Co-extruded gaskets for convenience and superior weather performance. Caps are fully interchangeable with the different glazing bars.

Twin clip mechanism for security and reliability
Top caps have 'twin clips' that lock to the inside of the channel in the glazing bar - this means that the caps remain secure despite temperature changes.

Secondary locating fins
To provide additional peace of mind in extreme locations and weather conditions, the secondary 'fins' on the top caps prevent the cap flexing. Even dark coloured woodgrain finishes can be supplied with PVC caps avoiding the need to compromise with aluminium top caps.

Accommodates popular glazing materials
16mm polycarbonate, 24mm glass and 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate.

Standard aluminium, heavy duty aluminium, galvanised steel and galvanised steel with hidden bolster
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